How much can you earn as a post-graduate physics tutor in the US? (2023)

This article was written for anyone who wants to become a physics tutor and is wondering how much they will earn with each of their lessons.

First, you have to understand that tutoring jobs are charged per hour and that most of the time tutors get to set their hourly rates if they work for themselves. Continue reading to find out how much you can earn as a physics tutor, what factors could make your classes more expensive, and much more.

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How much can you earn as a post-graduate physics tutor in the US?

One of the things you should know about becoming a private physics teacher is how many other teachers charge for their classes and what is the common price in the market.

Tutors are freelancers, and the first thing you should know about freelancing is that there are no fixed salaries. Fix salaries are offered in big companies that have a steady income. However, a freelancer is not guaranteed a steady income, at least not at first.

How much can you earn as a post-graduate physics tutor in the US? (66)

Although salaries can be safe money and mean a steady job, in the long run, salaries can also become restrictive and suffocating. That is why many people venture into freelancing and business for themselves because even though it might not be steady money at first, it can still grow into something amazing.

According to data given by Zippia, on average, physics tutors make around $27,351 per year or $13 per hour. However, this number can change depending on how many hours you work every month.

If you go on Superprof, you'll see that some tutors charge $20 per hour and others charge $40. This varietyshows that the levels of education and preparation of each tutor are different.

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The data can vary depending on the city and location, however, the average does show how much tutors make generally speaking in America.

Many factors can influence the price of a physics class. It can be the level it is taught at (whether it is high school level or college level), the amount of time the student will be needing the classes, and much more.

Many people tend to forget that prices also vary depending on someone's location. If you live in a big city you can charge more than someone living in a small town because big cities are more expensive compared to small towns.

Factors that might influence the price of a lesson

How much can you earn as a post-graduate physics tutor in the US? (67)

Don't forget that the salary of a tutor is not a set price and people tend to pay different prices depending on many different factors that might bring the price of a lesson up or down.

People who are searching for a private physics tutor will be paying attention to different details they can use to negotiate the rate per hour or lesson.

The first thing anyone will pay attention to is the benefits of hiring a private tutor. People want to invest in their kids or their education and they want to make sure that whoever they are hiring will help them achieve their goals or overcome their obstacles.

This is why you need to set up a tutoring profile that shows how the student will benefit from having classes with you. The job of a teacher is to guarantee the student understands and dominates a subject by the end of the course. If you don't communicate to your students how exactly you can help them, then they're probably not going to hire you.


If you want to be a physics tutor but don't have much preparation you could always start learning and pursuing the preparation you need to become the best tutor.

You can search for an online university course where you learn how to plan a lesson, or you can enroll in a course that can count as college credit where you learn tips and develop some skills a tutor needs. Certifications are a great tool you can show off to future students or clients.

Finally, people pay attention to the materials and resources a tutor provides, including science books, activities, exercises, tools, tips, and more.

Anyone who is hiring a tutor is searching for a different point of view so you better work hard to make your lessons stand out. You can offer that different point of view and help a student understand a subject they are having a hard time with.

Keep in mind that if you are putting time and effort into creating each lesson you're teaching your classes to have more value and should cost more. You should appreciate your time and know the value of your classes, time working shouldn't be for free!

Finally, another important factor is whether the lessons are held online or in person. Usually, online lessons cost a little less because the tutor doesn't have to commute anywhere.

However, if a student wants the lessons to be held in their house, university or high school library, or a local cafe, then you can charge more per class because you'll spend time and money commuting to those places.

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Continue learning about the subject and find out what qualifications physics tutors need.

Do post-graduate lessons cost more?

As it was mentioned above, the price of tutoring services can change depending on many different factors. One of them is the level and experience the tutor has.

Post-graduate lessons probably cost more because there aren't many people offering lessons at a higher level. Teachers teaching at a high school level will have a lot of competition which means that their jobs and salaries are also very competitive.

However, students searching for a science, math, physics, chemistry, or computer science teacher at a post-graduate level might have fewer options regarding hourly costs.

How much can you earn as a post-graduate physics tutor in the US? (68)

Since the field isn't as competitive as other levels, teachers can set high prices and charge for the value of their knowledge and services.

Keep in mind that students who need post-graduate physics tutoring won't need much help with math because they have a higher level of knowledge. However, math will always be a big part of physics and you should always be prepared to help your students with anything they need. Even if that is teaching basic math to a physics student.

It is your job as a teacher to always be ready to answer all of your student's questions, even if it means you have to go study a little to find the answers to their questions.

(Video) The 8 best PhD side hustles | Earn money during your PhD

Find out how to find students to tutor physics in the United States.

Improvement and success can turn into money!

A tutor who has a resume that shows how much experience they have and how exactly they will help someone can charge more than someone who is not showing their work or their talents. People will pay for what they can see, which is why you have to show what you are capable of.

Another important factor that influences the price of a lesson is the years of experience of the tutor. Tutors who have been working for a couple of months teaching physics can't and shouldn't have the same hourly rate as a tutor who has been working in the field for years.

How much can you earn as a post-graduate physics tutor in the US? (69)

Experience translates to knowledge and a good review, and that can translate to more money and more clients.

People also tend to pay attention to the level and quality of the lessons the tutor offers.If you are someone who didn't go to school, doesn't have a degree in a related field, or doesn't have any preparation (courses, certifications, experience, etc) in the field, then the cost of your lessons should be lower than the average.

A tutor who went to school, got a degree in physics, has a certification in education, and has had a bunch of jobs working as a physics teacher won't charge the same per hour as someone who doesn't have the same levelof preparation.

In our economy, experience, hours of work, and knowledge are valuable and valued.It doesn't matter how big the demand for physics tutors is, if you are not prepared your work will hardly be valued.

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If you want to provide for yourself and provide for your family with private tutoring as a permanent job, then you need to work hard to make sure your services are of excellent quality so you can help your students succeed.


How much money can I make from tutoring? ›

A $60 an hour rate for tutoring is very doable and pretty typical for most qualified tutors. If you are just starting out, I would suggest working Monday through Thursday (Fridays are not as popular) or Sunday evening through Thursday working 5–6 hours per day while working up to those longer days.

Can you make a living off of Varsity Tutors? ›

They provide a great work-life balance as your schedule is 100% managed by you. The pay is sub-par, starting at $15/hr for most tutors and there is no raise offered after working there for 6+ months. If you want to make a living at Varsity Tutors, you need to get a lot of students and devote a lot of time to them.

Is private tutoring profitable? ›

According to Glassdoor, a private tutor with one to two years of experience can expect to earn $14,000 to $42,000 per year, or a national average of $22 per hour, depending on your rates and how much you work.

What does Varsity Tutors charge? ›

The cost of one-on-one tutoring with Varsity Tutors ranges from $73 to $95 per hour, depending on which package clients purchase: $1,140 for 12 tutoring hours ($95/hour) $1,920 for 24 tutoring hours ($80/hour) $2,700 for 36 tutoring hours ($75/hour)

What kind of tutors make the most money? ›

High Paying Tutoring Jobs
  • Science Tutor. ...
  • Spanish Tutor. ...
  • Biology Tutor. ...
  • Private Tutor. ...
  • English Tutor. Salary range: $36,500-$56,500 per year. ...
  • Physics Tutor. Salary range: $36,500-$55,500 per year. ...
  • Elementary Math Tutor. Salary range: $35,500-$54,500 per year. ...
  • Algebra Tutor. Salary range: $42,000-$54,500 per year.

How many hours a week should I tutor? ›

However, be wary of having too long of a session because having as long as 4 hours of tutoring will be overwhelming for a single sitting. Therefore, for most students having anywhere between 1 to 2 hours of tutoring each session and about 2 to 4 sessions per week is the right amount.

Is it possible to make a living as a tutor? ›

Not only is tutoring a good paid side job for college students, but it can also be a rewarding full-time profession. Online tutoring jobs can be a great way to make money from home, especially if you're looking to work part-time. And they're not just available to those with a formal teaching degree.

Is tutoring for Varsity Tutors worth it? ›

Overall, I had a really positive experience with Varsity Tutors for my GRE prep. The live prep class I took was great. The classes offered a nice structured form of content review and test taking strategies, and I liked the custom homework assignments between sessions. And the tutoring sessions I had were just as good.

Can you negotiate pay with Varsity Tutors? ›

Negotiate Salary

If you think you and your skill set should be valued higher than your offer, negotiate your salary! 100% of men and 50% of women at Varsity Tutors said they negotiated their salaries. On average, Varsity Tutors employees earn $108,884.

What tutors are most in demand? ›

These subjects are always in demand, and the trends are likely to continue.
  • Mathematics. For the lucky few, maths comes easy, but it's one of the more difficult subjects for many students. ...
  • Chemistry. ...
  • English. ...
  • French. ...
  • Spanish. ...
  • History. ...
  • Religious Education. ...
  • Geography.
Feb 23, 2022

How do I market myself as a tutor? ›

9 tips on how to advertise tutoring services
  1. Create an impactful resume. ...
  2. Print business cards. ...
  3. Build a website with scheduling capabilities. ...
  4. Publishing a tutoring blog. ...
  5. Developing a unique value proposition. ...
  6. Using positive testimonials. ...
  7. Creating an online demo. ...
  8. Networking with schools in your area.
Jan 21, 2022

How do I sell myself as a private tutor? ›

Becoming a tutor | How to market yourself
  1. Get on top of your admin. Set yourself up a tutoring email address. ...
  2. Joining tutoring sites. ...
  3. Contact your school. ...
  4. Reach out to family and friends. ...
  5. Build up your experience. ...
  6. Get on social media.
Feb 22, 2021

What is the difference between wyzant and varsity tutor? ›

The most significant difference is that Wyzant is a tutoring marketplace that provides a platform for students to access an independent tutor, either online or in person. Varsity Tutors is an online tutoring service that employs tutors and assigns them to students who can benefit from their expertise.

Are Varsity Tutors self employed? ›

Tutors are independent contractors with their own teaching styles, methods and materials. This is not an application for employment. Some tutors can earn more than $3,000 per month. I agree to Varsity Tutors LLC Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and am 18 years of age or older.

Do Varsity Tutor hours expire? ›

Session links are good for one session only. After your session ends, and your tutor has invoiced the session link expires and can no longer be accessed.

Is tutoring a side hustle? ›

Tutoring and teaching online are already popular side hustles because they “allow you to set your own rates and availability,” says Kathy Kristof, founder and editor of “Tutors can earn anywhere from $15 to more than $100 an hour, depending on the subject that they teach,” she says.

Is working as a tutor worth it? ›

Tutoring is a flexible, rewarding and interesting job where you'll make a positive difference. Whether you work with children or adults, the one-on-one educational support that you provide can empower them to achieve their full potential.

Do rich people hire tutors? ›

During the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, more wealthy families hired personal tutors instead of enrolling their children in school, largely to avoid the worst of remote learning.

How long should tutoring last? ›

Finding the sweet spot. Depending on whom you talk to, “optimal” tutoring sessions can run anywhere from 30 to 120 minutes (or beyond). Realistically, if a session is too short the logistics of handling materials and establishing focus could cut into a significant percentage of the instructional time.

How long are most tutoring sessions? ›

Most tutoring sessions are from 45 minutes to 120 minutes or less. It's the responsibility of tutors to manage session time. All students are different, so are their learning styles.

How many tutoring sessions per week? ›

Consider scheduling at least two sessions per week, both of them anywhere from one to two hours each. This will ensure that your student receives the assistance they need. Tutors can function as teachers, so you can ask them to teach your child's curriculum.

What is the average salary of a private tutor? ›

Private Tutor Salaries
Job TitleSalary
Private Private Tutor salaries - 1 salaries reported$35/hr
freelance Private Tutor salaries - 1 salaries reported$40/hr
Self Private Tutor salaries - 1 salaries reported$50/hr
Free Lance Private Tutor salaries - 1 salaries reported$40/hr
16 more rows

How smart do you have to be to be a tutor? ›

Yes, tutors should know the material well enough to be able to explain it to another person, but you don't need to be an expert by any means. In fact, it's better if you aren't an expert. You might also be a student who knows how to navigate academic resources.

Which online tutoring is best? ›

The 8 Best Online Tutoring Services of 2023
  • Best Overall: Chegg Study.
  • Best Budget: Learn To Be.
  • Best Variety: Princeton Review.
  • Best for Language Learning: Preply.
  • Best Homework Help: Skooli.
  • Best for Writing Improvement: Pearson's Smarthinking.
  • Best Test Prep: TutaPoint.
  • Best for Math Tutoring: Mathnasium.
Aug 23, 2022

Does Varsity Tutors offer employee benefits? ›

Our subsidized health plan options (medical, vision, and dental) give you the flexibility to choose the best coverage options for you and your family. We offer HDHP or PPO plans that best fit your needs. Health Savings Account- Available with employer match ($750 per year) when the HSA coverage is selected.

How good is Varsity Tutors for GRE? ›

But among all these broad-based types of tutoring services, we like Varsity Tutors the best for GRE prep. For one, the hourly rates you can get with Varsity Tutors can be extremely low – sometimes as low as $30/hour. That's not the norm, but those kind of prices are out there.

How do you negotiate salary after academic offer? ›

How to Negotiate Academic Job Offers
  1. Understand the market for the position and salary requirements beforehand. ...
  2. Wait for the offer, but plan ahead. ...
  3. Know Your Priorities. ...
  4. Know What You Are Happy With. ...
  5. Outline Your Counteroffer. ...
  6. During Negotiations. ...
  7. Post-Negotiations.

Can I negotiate academic salary? ›

Most people who get an academic job offer aren't sure how to negotiate the offer or if they even can. with the exception of PhD and postdoc offers, academic job offers can be negotiated and it is expected that you will negotiate.

Does my tutor take commission? ›

Private tutors pitch themselves at one of 6 price bands, ranging from £18-£36 an hour. However, the tutor only receives 58% of this, with 7% deducted for VAT, and 35% taken as a MyTutor commission fee.

What tutors should not do? ›

Things Tutors Should Never Do
  • Make Far-Reaching Promises.
  • Forget You're A Representative Of Your Tutoring Platform.
  • Ignore The Parents Of Minor Students.
  • Become Too Friendly With A Student.
  • Take On Too Many Students At Once.
  • Offer Tutoring In A Subject You're Not Comfortable With.
  • Go Into Tutoring Sessions “Cold”

What is the easiest subject to tutor? ›

10 Easiest Subjects to Teach
  • Physical Education. ...
  • Art. ...
  • Music. ...
  • Science. ...
  • Health. ...
  • Spelling. ...
  • History. There are several reasons why history is the easiest subject to teach to students. ...
  • Cooking. Cooking is an easy subject to teach to students for a number of reasons.

How do tutors get clients? ›

This Is How to Get Tutoring Clients: The Essential Manual
  1. Define your target audience.
  2. Optimize your website.
  3. Claim your listing on Google Business Profile.
  4. Develop blog content.
  5. Get connected on social media.
  6. Send email newsletters.
  7. Encourage online reviews and testimonials.
  8. Boost marketing results to get tutoring clients.
Dec 1, 2021

What should I say in a tutor interview? ›

Be prepared to discuss:
  • your work history and credentials.
  • your background in the subject (i.e. are you a Math Tutor, an English Tutor, etc.)
  • your experience teaching.
  • your reasons for teaching.
  • examples of previous successes when teaching.
  • your teaching philosophy and strategies.
  • how you will motivate students.
Jun 17, 2021

What qualities would make you a good tutor? ›

What should you look for?
  • The best tutors are experienced qualified teachers. ...
  • Build a rapport with all of their students. ...
  • Adapt to the student's needs. ...
  • Frequently communicate with the parents. ...
  • Have an open and honest relationship with their students. ...
  • Act professionally and respectably. ...
  • Be flexible and patient.

Is there a demand for private tutors? ›

Private tutoring is becoming more popular especially in London because of the competitiveness of academic performance is on a rise – more students are applying to study at some of the best schools and the standard is at an all time high.

Do private tutors earn more than teachers? ›

Teachers 'paid 38% less than private tutors'

How can I find students to tutor? ›

You may post an ad for your home tutoring services on websites and social media platforms where you may connect with potential students or their parents. Further on, You can use local media and channels to promote your business without spending a lot of money on advertising.

Does Wyzant pay well? ›

How Much Does Wyzant Pay? Wyzant tutor pay rates are set by the individual teachers, and thus vary hugely, with some charging as little as $10 and others as much as $1,000 per hour! Wyzant says that most of their tutors charge between US$35-$63 an hour, before commission/platform fees are deducted.

What percentage does Wyzant take from tutors? ›

All tutors will retain 75% of their posted hourly rate for lessons with students and Wyzant will retain a 25% platform fee.

How do tutors get paid on Wyzant? ›

a) Tutors using the Wyzant platform will receive their student payment by Direct Deposit. After a tutor enters accurate bank account and routing numbers, funds will be released to the tutor's bank on the 1st and 15th of each month or the following business day in case of weekends and bank holidays.

Can you make a living on Varsity Tutors? ›

They provide a great work-life balance as your schedule is 100% managed by you. The pay is sub-par, starting at $15/hr for most tutors and there is no raise offered after working there for 6+ months. If you want to make a living at Varsity Tutors, you need to get a lot of students and devote a lot of time to them.

Does tutoring count self-employed? ›

Working as a private tutor will entail being self-employed, and with that will come the need to deal with your tax return.

Is tutoring self employment or freelance? ›

If you are working directly with students and they're paying you directly, you're self-employed. There is no “middleman” involved in the arrangement and no one is collecting FICA payments. You are providing tutoring services directly to your students, and they are making fee payments to you, and not to a third-party.

How much of a cut does Varsity Tutors take? ›

When you learn more about Varsity Tutors' business model, this is less surprising. That's because Varsity Tutors pays their instructors only about 15% of the cost of the lesson. The tutors that clients might pay $95/hour to learn from will earn only $11–15/hour, depending on the subject.

How do I get Varsity Tutors to stop calling? ›

Telephone/Text communications: If you receive an unwanted call or message from us, you can update your phone preferences by accessing your phone preferences in your account settings page, or you can send a Do Not Call request to us at the following email address:

Who owns Varsity Tutors? ›

Varsity Tutors was born out of the educational experiences of our founder and CEO, Chuck Cohn.

Is 30 dollars an hour good for tutoring? ›

Some private tutors are high school students, graduate students, or even teaching assistants. For private tutoring from a student or teaching assistant, you can expect to pay an average of $30 per hour. You can expect to pay $56 per hour or more for high-level tutors such as professors or teachers.

Is tutoring worth the money? ›

Private tutoring or extracurricular activities can be a solution to that. It can also be absolutely worth your money as it can boost the happiness and wellbeing of your child as well as help them accelerate their potential future success.

Is it worth becoming a tutor? ›

Tutoring is a great way to increase your income while sharing your knowledge with others. For example, it might be that you're already working as a teacher and want to earn some extra money on the side, or university students may wish to tutor alongside their studies.

Are tutoring jobs worth it? ›

Becoming a tutor is a great way to earn some extra part time cash as a college student. In addition to being a satisfying part time job, it can be lucrative and offers considerable flexibility. You could tutor fellow college students, local high schoolers, or even middle schoolers too.

How much should I charge for 1 hour of tutoring? ›

Most licensed teachers charge $45 to $60 an hour for tutoring.

Do I have to give my tutor a 1099? ›

If you're actively running your own tutoring business, and not working for an agency or other employer, you're self-employed. That's true even if you have a full-time day job. In the eyes of the Internal Revenue Service, being self-employed classifies you as a 1099 independent contractor.

Is being a full-time tutor a good job? ›

Private tutoring is far more lucrative in some areas than others. For example, in places like London, where there is a lot of competition for schools, there is a very high demand for entrance exam tuition and people are willing to pay highly for qualified tutors.

What is the weakness of tutoring? ›

One weakness for a tutoring service is a lack of space. A tutoring service that can't offer clients enough space on site will be limited to customers who want the tutors to come to their homes. A lack of funding can force your business to reduce its offerings.

What a tutor should not do? ›

7 things tutors should never do
  • Make your private life public. While tutors are expected to privately oversee the academic progress of their pupils, its also important that certain social boundaries be in place. ...
  • Be physical. ...
  • Arrive underprepared. ...
  • Lose your cool. ...
  • Be inflexible. ...
  • Go too fast. ...
  • Over-promise.
Jul 17, 2017

Can I make a career out of tutoring? ›

Tutors have a varied career track, with some choosing the flexibility of freelance work, while others are employed directly by the school system. Salaries also vary greatly, with advanced degrees and certifications often leading to a higher hourly rate.

Does being a tutor look good on resume? ›

It looks great on your resume

Tutoring is, without a doubt, one of the best things to put on your resume. Being a tutor proves that you have the skills to clearly state instructions and explain concepts in way that is understandable and concise.

What kind of tutors are in demand? ›

These subjects are always in demand, and the trends are likely to continue.
  • Mathematics. For the lucky few, maths comes easy, but it's one of the more difficult subjects for many students. ...
  • Chemistry. ...
  • English. ...
  • French. ...
  • Spanish. ...
  • History. ...
  • Religious Education. ...
  • Geography.
Feb 23, 2022

What is the average age of a tutor? ›

The average age of an employed tutor is 42 years old.

How can I make more money as a tutor? ›

Tips for Making Money as a Private Tutor in 2022
  1. Set your own rates for tutoring.
  2. Set your own hours or days of the week to teach/ In-person private tutoring allows tutors to teach for 2-5 hours per week, or even 1-2 days per week, depending on their work schedule. ...
  3. Online tutoring usually costs less for students.


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